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We Are Libertarians helps you sound smarter while talking to your friends. Our goal is to help you understand national and local government as well as politics and policies from an independent point of view. We examine current events from a libertarian perspective while treating modern politics with all of the irreverence it deserves. We toss out the screaming heads, put people before political parties, and give context to the news to make you think. Our host is Chris Spangle, a fifteen year veteran of politics and media. He leads a discussion amongst friends and high-profile guests that span the libertarian spectrum of thought. Founded in 2012, the main podcast posts on Wednesdays with a shorter daily episode the other days.



Latest Episodes

  • 450: Joe Biden's Record
    August 5, 2020 at 11:00 am

    Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Rhinehold take a look back at Joe Biden's record as a Senator from 1972 to 2009. Time Stamps 00:14:22 - State of the 2020 Race 00:37:51 - A brief bio of Joe Biden 00:52:38 - Biden's Senate Career and Foreign Policy record 01:11:36 - The Crime Bills 01:28:06 - Biden the Drug Warrior 01:51:43 - Allegations of Sexual Assault Show Notes: […]

  • 449: Education During COVID-19, Portland, and 2020 Polling - The Swamp Explained
    July 27, 2020 at 5:00 am

    In The Swamp Explained series, Chris Spangle and Rob Quartel go in-depth on how Washington works. In this episode, we discuss students returning in the fall, the problem with Portland, the resurgence of COVID-19, and the bad numbers for the President in recent polling. Get the Swamp Explained Podcast Feed: https://swamp.fireside.fm/ Follow Rob on twitter: @RobQuartel. Check out Rob's resume […]

  • Interview with Jo Jorgensen on Freedom Strips, A New Show on the WAL Network
    July 27, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Keaton Tucker of Freedom Strips interviews Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen. Freedom Strips is a new show on the We Are Libertarians Network. Subscribe here: https://link.chtbl.com/freedomstrips Subscribe to all of our shows: * We Are Libertarians - https://link.chtbl.com/we-are-libertarians * Brian Nichols Show - https://link.chtbl.com/brian-nichols-show * Boss Hog of […]

  • 448: Innovating Towards a Better World with T.K. Coleman
    July 22, 2020 at 7:00 am

    Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Rhinehold are joined by T.K. Coleman for a discussion on the path necessary for building a libertarian world. We discuss the myths that keep us believing in the efficacy of government, what role race plays in society, and how we can innovate our way to a better world. This is one of our favorite episodes ever and a great one to share with friends. T. K. Coleman is […]

  • 447: How To Win the Culture Wars, Valuing Unity Over Disintegration
    July 15, 2020 at 9:00 am

    Chris Spangle and Rhinehold discuss that various culture war skirmishes over the past few weeks. We begin by explaining why America is at each other's throats and end by sharing the way out of our present circumstances. *We want your questions about politics and libertarianism! - https://wearelibertarians.com/we-want-your-questions-about-politics-and-libertarianism/ * Video - […]

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